Office Protect

Easy Security Management for Office 365

Strengthen Your Office 365 Environment with the Best Threat Prevention Settings and Alerts

Office Protect is an easy security management solution for Office 365 that offers threat protection, monitoring, alerts and reporting to small and medium-sized businesses.

You get best practice security settings, account protection and better monitoring services.

Monitoring and Alerts: Office Protect provides advanced protection and prevention functionalities for Office 365. It has a unique alerting mechanism – you can choose what potential issues you want to be alerted on (e.g. suspicious login, deleted accounts from hackers, etc.) and whether you want to be notified (e.g. text, email, etc.).

Best Practice Security Settings: Automated threat protection to prevent malicious activity from hackers and insiders with industry best practice security settings.

Real Time Reporting:

Built-in reporting gives us insights and more visibility into how your employees are using Office 365. Easy-to-read activity dashboards and automated reports.

Why do you need Office Protect?

For one thing, it will prevent security threats from hackers and insiders. Monitoring capabilities provide threat insights and sends us alerts, allowing us to respond quickly. Also, it enhances security in Office 365 against advanced threats by deploying best practice security settings.

Office Protect can provide you with peace of mind. It gives us the power to prevent security threats and allows us to be proactive in stopping them.