Be more productive, simplify your daily routine, and protect your company’s data

Security Solutions


Office Protect

Office Protect is an easy security management solution for Office 365 that offers threat protection, monitoring, alerts and reporting to small and medium-sized businesses. You get best practice security settings, account protection and better monitoring services.

Email Protection

Proofpoint email protection acts as an additional line of defense in your cyber security arsenal. Use it to help safeguard your email from spam, phishing and malware while simultaneously ensuring compliance and business continuity.


Bitdefender blocks the most sophisticated ransomware and 0-day threats without the headaches. No solution is more reliable, more accurate, or has a lower resource footprint than Bitdefender!

Cybersecurity Services

Securing your organization calls for a proactive cybersecurity roadmap. At Joho Tek, we cultivate security strategies and systems to better help your business goals by incorporating security knowledge with a crystal clear comprehension of your business demands and the current state of its security posture.