Be more productive, simplify your daily routine, and protect your company’s data

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Online Backup

Protect data by backing up Windows/Linux servers, PCs, tablets, Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and
Android devices. You can also back up applications such as Office 365, SQL Server and Exchange
Server. Anytime, from anywhere, to the cloud.

Cloud Backup

Data is copied from databases, files and virtual machine images to an external media or a second site for preservation in case of a malfunction, outage, failure, etc. Backup copies the entire machine image, files, or databases (or the incremental changes since the last backup), in a one‐time operation that is then repeated periodically

Cloud Replication

As data is being written to databases and flat files, that same data is being transmitted over a network to another storage system, usually to an alternate processing center or cloud provider. Replication is the continuous or near‐continuous transference of updated disk blocks every five minutes.