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Our goal at Joho TeK is to develop feasible solutions to address current and upcoming global challenges in various sectors. Using our versatile expertise, we strive to provide the required (R&D) solutions to address companies’ technical challenges .

We develop scalable hardware and software Internet of Things solutions to improve energy efficiency, operations management, and resource planning. Our various affordable sensors collect usage data and represent it in easy-to-read dashboards. These insights help managers identify areas of inefficiency while taking action to adapt operations to run their facilities in a smarter, data-driven way.

The things we do best

IoT Architecture

Sensing Solutions


Edge AI/Machine Learning


Services That Will Grow Your Business

internet of things iot smart city

Smart City

Cutting edge R&D to develop sustainable solutions for the cities of tomorrow.


Bridging IoT and Edge AI to develop intelligent agricultural solutions and logistics.


Custom wearables technology is instrumental for more efficient and healthier environments.

Renewable Energy

Integrating sustainable energy solutions for a smoother transition towards efficient cities.


Privacy and security overcasts to encompass vulnerabilities within the cyberspace.

Some Projects Worked on by our Experts

  • Smart Public Parks – Quantifying usages of public facilities to reduce energy consumption
  • Autonomous Agriculture – Energy Efficiency . Sustainable Farming . Connected Hubs
  • Reduced ER Wait-Times – IoT In Healthtech – Providing Avenues For Less Stressful Workplace And Less Burdened First Responders And Medical Staff
  • Energy Optimization Platform – Precursor To Smart Energy Grids and Systems


Our leading experts have been awarded the most prestigious awards:

• Microsoft AI for Earth Grant award 2019-2020
• Microsoft IoT Analysis Professional Certificate 2019
• Microsoft Professional Program for Internet of Things (IoT) track 2019
• Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven) international scholar scholarship 2017-2019
• Top 25– Microsoft Online Challenge –AI Challenge: Sustainable Life, Toronto 2019
• Winner of the Lions’ Den Pitch award– What The Hack Brussels, Belgium 2019
• Winner of the audience award– What The Hack Leuven, Belgium 2019
• Winner of the healthcare section – What The Hack Leuven, Belgium 2019
• Most likes for Deloitte Online Garage Hackathon – Mobility– Amsterdam, Netherlands 2019
• Finalist- The Medical Device Development Centre 2019 Student Awards 2019
• Finalist- Transportation Innovation Challenge – Vancouver, Canada 2019
• Finalist- SFU Community Student Engagement Competition 2018/19
• Finalist- SFU Community Student Engagement Competition 2017/18
• 3rd place – Lumohacks Hackathon – Vancouver, Canada 2018
• Winner – Best hardware team – Lumohacks Hackathon – Vancouver, Canada 2018
• Winner – MolenGEEK IoT Hackathon, Brussels, Belgium 2018
• Winner- Coast Capital Savings Venture Idea Prize 2017
• International co-op award SFU 2017
• Graduate Fellowship MSE- Simon Fraser University 2016, 2017
• SFU – International travel research award 2016