Improve Your Online Security Posture

Protect your Business with Advanced Cybersecurity Services & Solutions

Securing your organization calls for a proactive cybersecurity roadmap. At Joho Tek, we cultivate security strategies and systems to better help your business goals by incorporating security knowledge with a crystal clear comprehension of your business demands and the current state of its security posture. Our team of security experts provides clear insight and extensive information to help you design security strategy and policies for your information security scheme.

How can we help you?

We partner with your organization to put together a cybersecurity roadmap that provides protection to your current setting, while also supporting day-to-day operations, income targets and future growth. This includes:

  • Evaluation and assessment of existing program state to help build a mature cybersecurity posture
  • Identifying security gaps and managing risk and allotment of the right resources to resolve them.
  • Development of security strategies that is aligned to business goals.
  • Execution of leading security practices and implementation of your security strategy.

How do we do it?

As the provider of top-notch cybersecurity solutions, Joho TeK partners with organizations to strategize, build and implement effective cybersecurity programs. Our approach offers practical steps to secure systems more effectively and provide recommendations to improve compliance with a wide range of regulatory frameworks. This includes:

  • Vulnerability management to identify, evaluate, and remediate vulnerabilities and risks within your organization so that you can focus on protecting your critical assets.
  • Cyber protection by helping organizations build cybersecurity capabilities and maintain compliance.
  • Automated and intelligent threat detection to help detect advanced threats, and prevent and respond to these attacks in real-time.
  • Penetration testing by going beyond vulnerability assessments to identify real gaps and risks. Here, we help bypass security controls and identify and address vulnerabilities before threat actors exploit them.
  • Cloud security by help monitoring activity on the cloud to detect and remediate any threats.
  • Risk management by evaluating, managing, and assessing risk to provide value to the business and help the improve overall cybersecurity framework.
  • Phishing campaigns and security awareness training to help train employees to detect phishing and security risks.
  • Information Privacy (Canada) by overseeing all activities related to implementation of organization’s privacy and ensuring operational procedures are in compliance with Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial laws.