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Securing your organization calls for a proactive cybersecurity roadmap. At Joho Tek, we cultivate security strategies and systems to better help your business goals by incorporating security knowledge with a crystal clear comprehension of your business demands and the current state of its security posture. Our team of security experts provides clear insight and extensive information to help you design security strategy and policies for your information security scheme. Take advantage of our free security assessment to help improve your security posture. No Obligation! 

Threat Landscape for Small Businesses


of cyber attacks target small businesses
Source: SCORE, 2018


malicious mobile apps blocked every day
Source: Symantec, 2018


of SMBs have no understanding of how to protect themselves
Source: Ponemon Institute, 2018


average cost of a malware attack on a company
Source: Accenture, 2017

Cyber attacks on small and medium sized businesses are successful mostly because we’re unprepared to handle them, and few employees are made aware of common cybersecurity pitfalls.

For example, many businesses don’t have active, established and followed policies for how to create (or update) passwords or share sensitive data.

Small and medium sized businesses don’t have the security they because of common misconceptions that security is too complex, it’s too expensive or it’s not a business priority. Since many businesses are not prepared for cybercrime or cyberattacks, many businesses with limited resources are generally less-equipped to bounce back from damages caused by cybercrime. BUT, we’re here to help you. See, we are here to show you your current pain points and draw your IT and security roadmap. Don’t let the hackers have the upper hand!

How a Cyberattack May Affect you?


Company reputation suffers and you may lose customers and thus revenue


Loss of productivity within a company due to dealing with the consequences


Costs of discovery and reaction, including staff working overtime


Legal and regulatory fines

The security foundation assessment is available to you free of charge. The assessment is designed in accordance with NIST cybersecurity framework as well as guideliness supported by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

How Do We Do It?


Get a bird’s-eye view of your current approach to cyber security when assessing your security posture


Provide recommendations and solutions to improve your security posture that suits your needs


Includes rationales for each point of inquiry


Proposals for how to implement recommendations for you

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